Eaux de Toilette for Dogs

This delightful line of quality dog colognes comes in 8 yummy, yet discreet scents. Each Dog Cologne is packaged in an attractive 50 ml pump spray glass bottle. Purely water-based with added natural fruit extracts, our dog colognes contain no alcohols or propellants, so they don’t irritate at all and are quite neutral to your dog’s sense of smell.

Apply them to your dog directly after - and between groomings. Our Eaux de Toilettes replace doggie odors with a lovely light fragrance. If you prefer not to spray directly on your dog's coat, you can also use Khara dog cologne sprays in your pet’s living area to leave a fresh and fruity fragrance in the air!

Because these pet fragrances are imported, please allow approximately 14-16 days for delivery from the time you place your order.

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